Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK)

In keeping with its mandate to make available to all Jamaicans, as well as our Caribbean neighbours, the best and latest in vision care technology, the Caribbean LASIK Vision Centre has been performing a cutting edge corneal rehabilitation procedure using the EX500 Excimer LASER. This technique for removing scars and spots that may have appeared on the cornea after:

  • Corneal epithelial dystrophy (naturally hazy or blotchy corneal surface)
  • Scars due to surface injuries such as chemical injuries
  • Scars from Pterygium surgery done previously
  • Old corneal foreign-body scars
  • Scars following corneal ulcers and infections

Most corneal scars, flat or raised, within 100 Microns or 20% of the corneal thickness, can be safely, quickly, and easily removed in this out-patient procedure, at our CLVC facility.

Pre-operative state of a case of long-standing corneal scar left eye

Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) involves first removing the surface coating or epithelium after a brief chemical treatment, as well as trimming excess surface scar where needed. The PTK treatment is then applied using the Excimer laser, a process lasting no longer that fifteen to twenty seconds. The procedure is halted at intervals to check on adequacy of scar removal, in order to ensure the minimum amount of tissue is operative scarring and haze), and application of an anti-inflammatory/antibiotic combination drop, bandage soft contact lens is applied. This remains in place for the first 5-7 days while our doctors follow the progress with regular office visits.

An addition to this procedure which we find enhances the results and facilitates faster healing is the use of freeze-dried Amniotic Membrane applied over the treated cornea prior to placing the contact lens.

Day 1 Post-operative state of a case of long-standing corneal scar left eye



Day 7 Post-operative state of a case of long-standing corneal scar left eye


CLVC and Ophthalmic Suites continue to add to their offerings all the latest in eye care procedures as we seek to improve vision in our nation, eliminating preventable blindness by the year 2020.

Dr. Maynard McIntosh MBBS;D.O.
Caribbean LASIK Vision Centre
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