What is Ozurdex?

Ozurdex is an intraocular steroid known to reduce swelling in the macula. This reduction in swelling may help reverse vision loss. The implant doesn’t ever need to be removed because it slowly dissolves over time inside the eye, releasing its medication.

How does Ozurdex work?

The tiny rod-shaped implant is injected into the eye through a very small needle-like application device. While in the eye, the implant dissolves into the vitreous for up to 6 months, reducing the need for multiple eye drops every day, find more info at https://katyhousecleaningtx.com/.

Are there any risks or restrictions with Ozurdex?

Due to the long-term nature of the implanted medication, there is a strict protocol for its use. The implant should not be performed on a patient who has any infections of the eye or surrounding eye area. Ozurdex should also not be used in patients with advanced glaucoma or patients with a known sensitivity to intraocular steroids.

Ozurdex side effects

The most common side effects reported in patients include increased eye pressure, minor bleeding in the “whites” of the eye, eye pain, cataract, vitreous detachment and headache. These side effects should be monitored closely.